Montag, 28. November 2011

Dakota in ihrer neuen Rolle der Effie

Dakota sprach im Interview mit der NYDailyNews über ihre neue reife Rolle der Effie.


The 17-year-old former child star takes on a firmly grown-up role as the title character in “Effie,” a movie that recreates an infamous Victorian love triangle involving 19th-century art critic John Ruskin, his disenchanted young bride Effie Gray and artist John Everett Millais.
“I think actually in films I’ve done more adult things in other ones than I have in this one,” Fanning said during a break in filming at a country mansion near London. “But this is my first time being a wife and all of that, which is actually kind of exciting and very fun.
“I get married in the movie. I had a wedding dress. It was kind of surreal,” said Fanning, who has been acting for a decade since she grabbed attention, aged 7, as the daughter of Sean Penn’s character in “I Am Sam.”

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