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LA Times Interview mit Taylor für Abduction

Während des Pressemarathons zu Abduction führte u.a. auch die LA Times ein Interview mit Taylor durch und wer ein Taylor Fan ist, sollte es sich nicht entgehen lassen. Es zeigt ein echt gelungenes Gespräch zwischen Journalist und Star :)
Gesprochen wird über seine Vorbereitung für den Film und darüber, was er sich für seine schauspielerische Zukunft wünscht. Außerdem hat Abduction Regisseur Singleton nur Positives über Taylor zu berichten.

via LA Times
His days as the werewolf are waning, though, with the first of the saga’s two-part finale, “Breaking Dawn,” opening Nov. 18 and the second installment hitting theaters next year. Now Lautner is looking to life post-”Twilight” and is heading into that future with a specific plan: He wants to be an action star, like Tom Cruise or “Bourne’s” Matt Damon. It’s a career path that, should he manage it, would unquestionably keep Lautner in the bright eye of the spotlight for years. And the success or failure of “Abduction” will be the first indication of whether he can achieve his goal.

As Singleton put it: “The whole goal of the movie was all about showing that Taylor can actually carry a picture — that he’s truly a star.”

“Abduction,” Lautner said, piqued his interest because he thought the role would be demanding.

“I don’t know why, but I’m always looking to challenge myself as much as possible,” he said with an earnest grin. “Plus, I had always been an action fan and been fans of actors like [Matt] Damon and Harrison Ford. What I love about their action movies is that they’re not just action movies. They’re playing a character that goes through an incredible journey.”

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